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Today is Aug 10, 2020
Jason Tan Meng Siong 陈明祥
Senior Marketing Director, MAppFin, BBA, Cert-in-CES
CEA Licence No.:
L3002382K / R007332Z
Call (+65) 8428 7127
Welcome to My Website

To: Tenants

I am in the real estate business to help you in commencing your business, start a new branch or expanding your business, open more branches. My focus is on leasing of commercial properties such as shopping malls and shophouses. I have assisted tenants found their flagship store or new outlet and others in takeover of their existing outlet. 

My services cover you through the whole process of finding the right property, how you can secure a lease, drafting of business proposal, negotiating the best rent, making an offer and closing the deal. 

Besides renting, I will also assist my clients to find replacement Tenant to takeover their lease and Investor to takeover their business. As my client, I can provide you an integrated solution to your business.

Compliments from Tenants:

1. "I am deeply impressed with your professionalism!  Please  get the shop for us." Managing Director of an established Bakery, tenant in an email on 21 Apr 15. 

2. "You are the most professional agent I ever met!" A Licensed TCM Physician & Acupuncturist, tenant in May 15. 

3. Jason has a sense of responsibility (责任感) and strong working ability (工作能力强). Founder and Managing Director of F&B chain in Malaysia on their upcoming flagship restaurant in Singapore. Jun 16

4. "Jason did a good job." Marketing Manager, a F&B chain of outlets on receiving 6 offers for takeover. 25 Nov 16

5. "U are also a very responsible agency, Jason!" A HDB tenant on expiry of lease. 23 Jan 19

6. "Jason, thanks for your professionalism." A HDB tenant after viewing of premises. 29 Jun 20


To: Landlords

My portfolio of customers include foreign public listed company, conglomerate, international franchisee, private equity firm and their business consultant who plan to expand their businesses to the Singapore market. 

Compliments from Landlords:

1. "Jason is very careful." Assistant Director, Corporate Finance, developer and landlord at the signing of Tenancy Agreement on 15 Sep 15. 

2. "Your business proposal is well written." Marketing Executive, developer and landlord of a public listed company on 21 Sep 15. 

3. "I only open the space for Jason's client." Chief Marketing Officer, landlord at a viewing by the international franchisee on 27 Nov 15. 

4.. "You are the most efficient agent." Manager, Retail Marketing on getting the Letter of Offer signed by tenant and returned on the same day. 13 Apr 17

Landlords & Sellers, call me now at 84287127 if you have properties to rent or sell. 

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